Brant Redford is the father of Ruby Redfort and husband of Sabina Redfort. He is a good natured fellow and is invited to a lot of parties across Twinford however he is not the brightest when it comes to common sense. He is unaware of Ruby's job at Spectrum and he and Sabina are told lies on her location at various points across the series.

In Take Your Last Breath it is revealed that he and Sabina met while breath hold diving in Italy, whilst he was travelling around the world by boat as an aprentice. We find this out after he and Sabina are sposedly killed by pirates while on the Humberts luxury yatch.When Ruby breaks her arm in Catch your death, he becomes overly protective and takes a lot more care in Ruby's where abouts. It is known that Brant loves photography, but cannot take photos to save his life. As well as ruffling Ruby's hair (which she can't stand). Brant may be very handsome, but doesn't have a lot upstairs!